Zach + Sydney’s ProposalLittle Rock Bridge

When Zach told me he was going propose to Sydney in April, I got an idea. What if I could do another proposal?? Mary Kate and Will’s proposal disguised as a Mini Session was so much fun, so I knew I had to ask Zach if I could be a part of his special moment. He thankfully took me up on it when I offered my camera and stealth tactics on his special day.

His plan to get Sydney off his trail was to tell her that he was going to be at a conference out of state that day. Sydney’s roommate was on a mission to take her to Little Rock for the evening for “dinner”. On the way to dinner, she was supposed to decide to take a detour and ask Sydney to go with her on the Little Rock Bridge. Since she’s from the Chicago area, she’s never been on the bridge before, so it made for the perfect excuse. Plus, this bridge is the exact spot that Zach first asked Sydney to be his girlfriend. <3

Zach and I showed up 20 minutes early at the bridge and waited for Sydney to make her arrival. Even I was excited and nervous. I can’t imagine how Zach was feeling.

We were waiting at the center of the bridge, when we realized that we didn’t know which side Sydney and her friend were going to be coming from! We became lookouts, me looking to the right, Zach looking to the left. Until he decided this was making him too nervous. Sydney’s friend finally texted Zach. “We’re here.” Then I saw them making the long trek up the bridge.

Complete in my baseball cap and incognito dark clothes, I walked away, far enough to get a good shot, but not close enough that Sydney could see me. I hoped. (She actually did see me, but it’s ok)

Apparently Sydney’s friend used the excuse of wanting to get a picture in order to get Sydney going all the way on the bridge. As they came closer to where Zach was waiting, they talked about who they would get to take their picture. “What about that guy?” “He looks kinda like Zach, he even has a shirt like that.” “Well, why don’t you go ask him?” Sydney walked the rest of the way alone. And that’s when I started clicking away.

Sydney was totally surprised. In her mind, she wasn’t getting engaged until August, after they both graduated with their Masters from UCA. She was definitely a little bit in shock for the next 10 minutes. 🙂

I had so much fun getting to be a part of Zach and Sydney’s engagement! Wishing the best to both of you, and CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂


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