Worsham Family – Cabot, Ar.

When the Worsham’s contacted me and asked if I could drive out to their property in Cabot, I was all in. Especially when they said we would be using their land, barn, and horses as backgrounds.

They mentioned they had other animals as well, such as dogs and chickens, so in my mind, I was expecting one or two dogs. Well, I was wrong. They have six furry friends, all differing sizes. And it was great. I patted lots of heads this evening. 🙂 Mrs. Sonia loves her chickens, so of course we had to include that in our pictures! Even the boys got into it and suggested we get pictures with cowboy hats and trucks. Truly a southern evening here in Cabot, Arkansas. Enjoy a few of my favorites below!

I loved all the laughter that came out of this session. Sometimes it’s because I made them do things that felt silly, but other times it was true joy just coming out. And one time it was because Zane got a face full of kisses from their Great Dane. Problems of sitting down right at face level. 😉 (This was actually right after the face lick!)


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