Things We Wish You Knew – Photographers Edition

Friends. Sometimes the photographer world is so different than the normal everyday world. We carry around these huge black boxes that go click, we talk a lot while it’s up to our face, we say lots of silly things, and we may ask you to do a bunch of crazy things on top of it all. We take photos for a living, and sometimes that honestly blows my mind. So here’s a little peek into our crazy brains and what we wish you knew about our daily lives and how we work our jobs. Here goes.

A few things that make our hearts swell and cause us to consider our clients our closest friends are:

1. When you like, share, and comment on our posts, and tag your friends on our posts!

We hate saying anything about this because we don’t want to be annoying. But friends, this means the world to us, and you don’t know how much we rely on you for this! Because of the ever changing algorithms, small businesses are having to work so much harder and pay a lot more to get their posts seen. Social media is also built to show you the things you like and are interested in. So if you like certain business or people’s posts, then Facebook and Instagram will automatically show you more posts similar to that one. Kinda creepy, but it’s the truth.

When you see our posts or special offers and think of your friends and then tag them on our post, this means the world to us. You are helping us reach new clients and showing people that we are worth investing in! So even if you aren’t interested in taking advantage of our offers, we love it when you think someone else might be!

So basically, the more you like, comment, and share our stuff, the more of it you will see! And I hope that’s a good thing. 🙂 Because it will show up on your feed, your friends feed, and on and on, giving us more exposure and more potential clients!

2. When you take behind the scenes shots+videos

We are always behind the camera, so we love seeing photos of us doing what we love! There’s something about seeing ourselves in our element that makes us love it even more.

It’s super special to us that you are so excited about the session that you can’t help taking pictures as well. I promise it’s not creepy at all. Post those behind the scenes shots and tag us!! And send us those photos as well. We’d love to post them ourselves. 🙂

I love getting behind the scenes photos from my clients. I don’t get to see myself doing what I love in any other way. I also don’t get to see how awkward I look when I’m getting that perfect shot that you love. 😛

3. When you ask for advice on what to wear

We’ve all had those moments of “What was I thinking when I wore that outfit??”. And we DEFINITELY don’t want that to happen after your portrait session. As photographers, we’ve spent time learning about the science behind how clothes fit and how they show up on camera. We’ve learned what colors blend together and what colors will enhance rather than detract from your session.

Some of us will even have our own clothing options for you to wear! I’m starting a young children’s selection, so if you ever want to use some of those items, let me know!! I’m always adding to my collection. 🙂

We absolutely love it when you send us pictures of what you’re thinking about wearing. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice! Most of the time you will see a trend in our Style Boards/Guides and our portfolio. This usually means we like to shoot this look, but we will always do our best to blend your style and ours to create a lovely photograph. (You can see my style here!)

4. When you leave us a review

We trust other people’s experiences more than the mouth of the business. It’s just the way we’re wired. We trust friends more than absolute strangers who are selling us the product. When you leave us a review and tell others exactly what you loved and how we went above what you expected, this puts your stamp of approval on us and tells the world that they need to experience the same thing.

5. When you trust us and our ideas. Even when it sounds weird sometimes.

I’ll admit it. As photographers, we ask you to do some pretty crazy things. And it may feel super awkward and super weird, and you may be thinking, “How in the world is this even attractive??” “I feel so stupid doing this…” But I promise, in the words of Amy & Jordan, “If it feels weird, it looks great!!” Every pose and movement I ask you to do has a purpose and a reason behind it. We have spent countless hours learning how to flatter every body, and what works for us to get those real and genuine moments that you love to get.

6. When you let the kids be the kids.

Yep. I actually want your kids to be themselves. They don’t always have to sit and smile while looking at the camera. They don’t have to do everything I ask them to do. I want those sweet little kids to feel like they relax and open up to me, and if they are constantly being reprimanded and told to obey the photographer, they will feel stiff and like they can’t relax. If they’re going too far away and going absolutely crazy, yes, I would like for you to step in. But for the most part, you will be absolutely fine to take a step back and just let them go a little outside of my requests. I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone that will bring out those real smiles and happy giggles. And please let us know if there is something that you as parents do that always make them laugh!! I would love to capture that on my camera. 🙂 It’s going to be ok if they run around and don’t do exactly what I ask. This is the magic that happens when the kids are allowed to run free for a little bit.  🙂


Finally, we just love and appreciate the fact that you have chosen us over all the other photographers in the world. It is so humbling that you have given us the privilege to document your precious family memories, and we promise to make it completely worth your time and investment.

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