The Standridge Family – PbC Family Spokesmodel

I’m so excited to share one of my 2018 Family Spokesmodels with you!! As soon as I met Hunter, Michelle, and sweet Bailey during their initial consultation, I knew they were a perfect match for my spokesmodel program. I mean, just look at how cute they all are!!

Hunter and Michelle also have a story of their own to tell and to someday pass down to their kids and grandkids. ūüôā Their story crosses continents and spans over 2,300 miles. Michelle is from Colombia, South America¬†and she just happened to meet the man of her dreams while they were both serving time in the military. Not only did they meet while¬†in the military, but their first meeting was on a¬†boat, of all places!! (How cool is that!?)

The first thing that Michelle noticed about Hunter was¬†how¬†family¬†was everything¬†to¬†him.¬†Columbian culture places much more emphasis on family compared to the US, and I think we would all be well to change that part of our culture! Finding a man who cares so much about family is rare and precious this day and age, and while I definitely have found a man who fits these qualifications, it’s so wonderful to hear about other marriages and families with this focus.I can see by the way that they both love on their little girl¬†Bailey that they have brought this family emphasis into their own home. And that sweet Bailey is such a Daddy’s girl. She’s never happier than when she’s in his arms, and her smile is always brighter when it’s caused by Daddy’s actions.

Michelle and Hunter have a wonderful legacy that they have started, and I can’t wait to walk a year with them and capture their joy, love, and family focus. <3

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