The Ramm FamilyBurns Park

Last minute cancellations aren’t always good. But this time it actually worked in my favor. Why? Because it meant I had an opening for the Ramm family. And I am so thrilled that I got to meet this sweet family.

Arihanna told me she loves the summer. Because that means swimming time! 🙂

When I found out that Adah and Alexander are twins, I was so excited! Twins are my favorite. 🙂 There’s something so awe-inspiring about the fact that there are two people so connected and close. And these two were no exception. Arms automatically went around each other when I asked them to stand by each other. How precious.

Adah got a little ganged up on during the tickle fights. 🙂 Adah’s sweet and joyous personality won me over instantly. Her smile was always just hovering below the surface, ready to come out and brighten the world around her.

Brad and Jamie love to go fourwheeling and boating together. Also they enjoy laughing together. 🙂

My favorite part about the Ramm family is that they are firm believers in un-plugging. They want to simply enjoy the moment without worrying about the hands on the clock or the life they left behind. You don’t find many people like that anymore.

Alexander took every opportunity to explore around the area we were currently in. He’s all boy. 😉

Once we got Dad and Mom in on the tickle fight, the playing field evened up a bit. 😉

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