Picking the Perfect Location: Engagement Edition

Making memories is a big part of what I want to do during a portrait session. But it’s even more special when we are able to go back to memories already made while making more! We can do this by picking a location with a meaningful story. Picking a location that already has memories for the both of you just adds another layer of emotion to your engagement photos. It will make them that much more fun to look back on and remember things of the past, as well as things coming in the future! Plus, it instantly adds a story telling opportunity every time you show those photos to your friends and family!

So, when you’re picking the location for your engagement photos, ask yourself these questions:

1.  Where was our first date?

Nothing would be more special than to re-create that first date during your engagement photos! Keep in mind, if it is at a business establishment, we will have to clear it with the owners beforehand. Going to the place where it all started is the perfect way to announce your engagement! If it weren’t for that first leap when that special someone asked that super special girl to go out for the first time; hands sweating, heart racing, you wouldn’t even be here today. Zach first asked Sydney to be his girlfriend on the Little Rock bridge, and he went there again to propose. How cute is that?! I was so thrilled to capture the proposal plus engagement photos. (You can read their proposal story here)

2.  What do we like to do together? What are things that you as a couple couldn’t do without?

Do you like going to the lake? (Let’s go to a body of water!) Do you like eating ice cream together? (Let’s go buy some ice cream for props! Annnd, who doesn’t want an excuse to eat some ice cream??) Do you like cruising busy streets and high society places? (Let’s go to a downtown area!) Do you enjoy hiking or spending time outside? (Let’s go to your favorite State Park!)

3.  Where do we hang out the most?

Do you two have a spot that you claim as your own? Let’s use it! Or we can go to the opposite side and ask, is there somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going? Is there a place you’ve always secretly admired? Mary Kate loved the classy elegance of the Capitol Hotel in Little Rock, so while she will probably never stay here, she wanted to include the beautiful architecture in her engagement session. (see their proposal story here!) So even if it’s just a dream, there’s not any reason why we can’t include a fancy destination!

4.  What locations most reflect your story? What says “you”?

If you were defining your relationship, where would that story take place? In a fancy restaurant, out in the middle of a field, or in a ballpark? Or hey, maybe even at an ice cream parlor! Katie and Jonathan totally brought their unique story into their engagement session. Jonathan is second generation Irish, so the kilt + the woodsy scenery at Burns Park was the perfect way to bring their story into their session. (You can read their story here!)

5.  What would your ideal date night include?

This question is helpful in answering the one above. You and your fiancé may have different answers, and that’s ok! 😉 If it’s going somewhere fancy for dinner, let’s get dressed up and go to a snazzy location! (like the Capitol!) If it’s going out in nature and star gazing, let’s get some flannel on and head out to the woods for some photos! We can even get a little of both worlds and have a complete location and clothing change if you can’t decide on one or the other. Anna and Roby did the classy + casual combo and it was the perfect way to include all areas of the spectrum. (Read the story of how they met here!)

There are so many other ways to write a story through your engagement photos, but these should give you a good starting place! If your ready to talk about booking a session with me, or have any other questions about this topic, head on over to the contact page and let’s talk! 🙂

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