Mini Session Membership

Hello! And welcome to the biggest news of 2020!! I’m so excited for you to learn all about the Photography by Caitlin Mini Session Membership 🙂

Are you completely new to me and my photography?
Hit pause, head on over to the About Me page and find out what working with me looks like. 🙂

   I’m so glad you asked!! The Mini Session Membership is a 12 month membership beginning in May 2020 with 3 different levels based on your photography needs. Each level has a certain number of Mini Sessions that are included with that membership, as well as sessions unique to only that level. Some of the sessions are just for kids, but others are family friendly and open for every family member to attend! Each level also has a certain amount of sessions that can include the entire family. After every session you will receive all of the edited photos through an online gallery where you can share, download, and order from a professional printing lab. At the end of your membership in May 2021, you will receive a custom USB that will include all of the photos taken throughout the year for easy storage.


Great question!! Here’s the top three reasons why you should take advantage of the membership instead of waiting for the Mini Sessions to go live:

  1. The Membership Program (especially the Oak Membership!!) has sessions that have never been seen before at Photography by Caitlin. New props, new themes, and lots of seasonal specials!!! Because these sessions will be going to my Mini Session Members first, that means when they do go public (if they do at all!) the spots will be VERY limited (I’m talking 1-2 spots available per mini session).
  2. With the membership program, you get first dibs on prime dates and times of the year. Plus, you’ll be able to schedule your whole year of photos at one time! No more forgetting to schedule your photos until it’s too hot, too cold, or you’re too busy. You decide which Mini Sessions you want to be a part of and let me take care of the rest!

The Mini Session Membership is for families who:

– Find themselves forgetting to schedule photos until it’s too late
– Realize that these sweet children grow up too fast not to slow down and capture these growing up years
– Believe that family is the most important thing in their lives

If this describes you, then the Mini Session Membership is your new home.


That’s totally up to you! I have three levels that you can choose from based on your photographic needs and how many memories you want captured throughout the year!! Plus, if one of these levels doesn’t have exactly what you want, you have the option to add a session or upgrade a session! Payment for the Membership is also split into two easy payments. At the time of purchase you will be charged 50% of the entire payment, which is non-refundable. (The price shown below is the full price, not what you will be charged at checkout. At checkout you will be charged 50% of the cost shown below. The remaining amount will be due in September 2020. (Reminder emails about pending payment will be sent out a month before the remaining amount is due) If for some reason you are unable to follow through in your membership before the final amount is due, you will be allowed to cancel your membership, with the exception of the non-refundable initial payment, and all future sessions will be canceled as well. After final payment is sent in September, no refunds will be available, but cancelling your membership is still an option.


That’s probably the easiest part of this whole program! Just go to this link here and start checking out! Once you’re in the checkout, simply list the sessions you are choosing for your membership in the Additional Information box. If you are choosing an Upgrade, list the session you are upgrading and the one you are upgrading to! For the Add On, all you have to do is list the session that you are adding to your membership.

Submit your order from my online store and you’ll be receiving a confirmation email from me shortly after. Then we’ll start the fun process of planning your Mini Sessions! See below the tentative schedule for the Mini Session Membership offerings. (Subject to change due to weather and events over which I have no control) The 12 month membership will begin in May of 2020 and continue until May of 2021.

***Select Mini Sessions can be scheduled at any time, such as Mommy and Me, Flower Swing, and Cookie Baking Day.

Still have questions that I haven’t addressed? Go here and shoot me a message. I’m more than happy to talk to you about what the Mini Session Membership entails!


Still not sure?? Well, just to get you excited, here’s a little sneak peek at what some of the session set ups will look like, thanks to the brains of other photographers who are providing me with the inspiration for these sessions…. Can’t you just see your little family in the middle of all of this?? Ahh! I’m so excited, you guys. And I hope you’ll join me. 🙂 I promise, it will be worth it! Click to select your membership level!!