Jonathan + Katie – Irish EngagementLittle Rock Capitol + Burns Park

Sometimes a love story starts through mutual friends, sometimes it starts through the internet. That’s how it was for Katie and Jonathan. Dating websites can chalk up another success story thanks to these two. They planned a first date, but each walked away thinking two totally different things.

When Katie first saw Jonathan across the parking lot, she got a case of the butterflies in her stomach because she thought he was so handsome. He won her over completely on their first date with his sense of humor. But Jonathan didn’t know this. He walked away from their first date thinking she couldn’t wait to be done and out of there. In his mind, Katie was way out of his league. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

When I asked what their favorite dates had been so far, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw their answers. Katie remembers going to St. Louis and telling Jonathan that she loved him for the first time as the day that will stay her favorite. Jonathan would probably rank going to Dallas for Valentines Day as highest, but then he also said that every new day he spends with Katie is his new favorite. How sweet is that?!

Katie was definitely telling the truth when she said that Jonathan makes her laugh on a daily basis.  There were so many times Jonathan caused laughter to erupt and smiles to bloom during the evening.

My favorite part of the engagement session is learning what they appreciate most about the other person. There hasn’t been an answer yet that doesn’t make me smile and go “awww” inside. Jonathan and Katie were no different.

Katie loves that Jonathan can make her laugh even when she doesn’t want to. She is secure in the fact that he loves deeply. In the 2 years they’ve been together, she’s never had a day that she questioned his love or adoration for her. He not only tells her but shows his love on a daily basis.”

And when I read Jonathan’s answer, I knew I had to do a direct quote. It was too good.

“Where do I begin? You are everything that I’ve ever hoped to find by waiting half my life and never giving up my search. You are smart. You are very easy on the eyes. đŸ™‚ Your heart and soul are genuine. But I’d say my favorite aspect of you is how I completely trust you without hesitation with no limits or conditions. I’ve never had that before.”

Jonathan is second generation Irish, and they plan to totally incorporate his heritage in their wedding next February. (They’re also going to Ireland for their honeymoon!) So of course they had to do something Irish in their engagement session! When they told me that Jonathan would be wearing a kilt for part of their session, I was so excited! I love getting to do new things in my sessions, especially when there is such a story behind it all. I also had lots of questions about Ireland, because it’s been on my travel bucket list for years. Jonathan told me so many cool things about kilts, registering their clan colors, and lots more. It was basically a mini history lesson, which I thoroughly enjoyed. đŸ™‚

But that’s not all that made this engagement session so special. I hadn’t gotten a good look at Katie’s ring until she took it off for me to get a ring shot. That’s when I noticed that it had amethysts all around the middle stone. Of course I immediately told her it was gorgeous. Then she told me that the middle stone and four of the amethysts were first worn by Jonathan’s great grandmother,

The wind was insanely crazy because of the storms coming in the next day! But Katie and Jonathan didn’t let hair whipping around like crazy stop them from totally killing their engagement session.

Katie and Jonathan, you were truly a joy to be around. I wish you all the best!

May the luck of the Irish
Lead to happiest heights
And the highway you travel
Be lined with green lights.


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