Spring Break Road TripJohn + Elizabeth Anne Henderson – first road trip of 2017!

My friend, Lucy and I decided to take the first weekend of Spring Break and drive down to Starkville, Mississippi to visit another friend we hadn’t seen in months. The 10 hour round trip was highly anticipated for weeks before our departure. I texted Elizabeth Anne and told her I would love to get some couple pictures of her and her husband while I was there. And she said yes.

Elizabeth Anne is definitely a kindred spirit. I have learned so much from her, and I am so thankful our friendship continues across state lines. I only knew her for six months while she lived in Arkansas, but it was enough to know that all three of us girls would always do the work to stay involved in each others lives. (She’s also a blogger, so go check out her blog here! You’ll come away encouraged and edified by her gentle and wise way of prodding us to live in a way to glorifies God.)

Also, that golden light. Wow. Photographer’s dream light right there.

When we walked into our room for the weekend, she had the perfect Pinterest worthy guest tray set up.  She even had her essential oil diffuser going with Lavender and Peppermint for a restful night. Couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

Our weekend was full of adventures, from almost stepping on a snake during a walk, to a woodpecker crashing into the living room window. It lay there so still that we thought it died… Until I walked by and it flew off into the window AGAIN, then changed direction and went off on it’s merry way. We spent time in God’s word, encouraging each other and learning from those older and wiser. We laughed at Widget chasing his own tail. He didn’t catch it. John and Elizabeth Anne took us to look around MSU campus, we visited Barnes & Noble (which may just be the love language of all of us three girls), and conversated about Bible topics, chiropractors, and everything else we could think of.

Saturday evening was our designated time for pictures, and they chose to take us to the Columbus Riverwalk. It was beautiful. I heartily approved of their choice. Plenty of scope for the imagination (bonus points if you know where that quote comes from) and full of wide open fields that excite a photographers soul.

Widget loved getting his picture taken. Kind of. Ok, maybe not. But it was still fun. 😉

He even got dressed up for the evening. You can’t help but like a dog with a bowtie. #amiright?

Story behind this shot: Widget was NOT going to pay attention to me, for some reason he thought the trees beside me were much more interesting than me. (Who knew?) So I told Lucy to flap open the reflector to catch his attention. Well, that startled him so much he jumped big time and everyone laughed.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the weekend of Spring Break. Now we’re anticipating the next time we can all be together again. 🙂

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