How to take group photos on Christmas Day (that look good)

Christmas. When there are the people who want to update the family photos, and the people who couldn’t care less. And then the kids who really just want to play with their new toys, because who has time to smile at the camera when there’s so much more to do and play with!? Belonging to the first group myself, I thought I would start the holiday spirit by giving a few tips to make your group photos a little quicker and easier all the way around! (And if you read all the way to the bottom, there’s a special offer at the end!!!)

1) Spread out the height. Make sure your photos aren’t lopsided with all the tall members on one side and the short members on the other. We want to create a “mountain range”, not a slide. Think zig-zags, not slopes.

2) For the little family members, put a favorite toy on or underneath the camera. When you’re using tripod set-up with a self timer, you can’t tell if everyone is looking. It’s not a great feeling to rush into your spot, trying to beat the flashing light, only to go back after the click and realize that little brother was looking over at the cat, who was no where near the camera. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything… 😛 Putting a toy or bright object by the camera, drawing their attention to it, and giving them something to focus on will help keep their eyes where they need to be.

3) Reward the young ones with a silly photo. I may actually be the one who asks for a silly photo after the serious one in our family, but you don’t have to tell anyone else that. If they know they’re going to get to do their own thing afterwards, they might be more willing to give a good smile first. And who knows, it might work for some older members of the family too! 😉

Now you’re ready to enjoy better group photos this Christmas!

P.S.  Now, you know as well as I do that taking your own group photos is a lot of fun, but they aren’t quiiiite the same as a photo where all you had to do was smile. It’s also a lot more work… Often, it takes twice as long because there’s no one to direct and make sure everyone is on their A-game for smiles. If you’d like at least one family photo this year that doesn’t include you frantically running back and forth and a million re-takes to get everyone smiling, and you want someone to take it who knows how to make everyone look fabulous, here’s an easy way to get one:

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