Grace Family

Our neighbors just happen to be a family band. How cool is that? As a family, their band Resonating Grace has won prizes in various competitions. Plus being honored performers at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO! The last time I took the Grace’s family portraits they had two less children, (although one was on the way) so it was time to get their band pictures updated!

Not only do they sing, yodel, and play various instruments, but they have a fantastic time living life together. You can tell by the way they interact with each other that there is genuine love and compassion between them all. Big families are my favorite. 🙂


Snatches of songs escaped from the instruments throughout the evening, as if the sound just could help but flow out.


Their wardrobe choices for the session could have come straight from my Pinterest style boards, so I was thrilled! (COMING SOON: Be looking for a whole blog series on what to wear to your photo session soon! Can’t wait to share it with you all!) I was also super impressed because it was extremely humid this particular summer evening, so long sleeves were not easy.

Evangeline’s skirt was a grasshopper magnet for some odd reason, though. We kept finding them all in between the layers of chiffon. The smaller children were super at pointing them out. And of course they were more than happy to pull them out of her skirt. I snapped a few individual shots of Evangeline and Paul while waiting for the rest of the family to walk down to our location. One of the benefits of living out in the country is not having to drive anywhere to get some great rustic locations! Thanks to great neighbors we were able to use their wood pile and barns for the background.



The band members consist of the oldest four children, Silas, Evangeline, Paul, and Mercy, plus dad. The boys couldn’t help but take turns photo-bombing the shot. 🙂


But don’t worry, we still got some good ones. 🙂



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