Etta turns 1!

While many people were either waking up at the crack of dawn, or not even going to bed Thanksgiving night, I am not in their number. I am blessed to spend my Black Friday morning doing my dream job. Spending the morning with the Kuipers family is definitely a better choice.


Etta turns one this month, so when I was asked to do her one year portraits (which would include a cake smash) I was all in.



She may not quite know what to think about me and my camera, but I promised her that we would be friends one day. Her older brother Luke put a smile on my face when he met me with a Lego “camera” he made. He told me he would take my picture, and when he took the picture, it may have sounded more like a gun, but who am I to split hairs?


Is that cake not amazing? Etta wasn’t sure about it at first. She had to be shown how to eat it by Mom. But Luke and Annie were more than willing to shoe Etta how it’s done. Once Etta had her first taste of sugar, she was hooked. But she’s definitely a dainty eater! No cake smeared hands and face for her!


etta-7-of-12 etta-9-of-12

But is this a guilty look or what? I may or may not have been caught with this exact look on my face before when someone caught me eating on the sly.


etta-12-of-12 etta-11-of-12


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