The Calvert Family

It’s actually really nice when you can leave the house just 5 minutes before your photo session and walk the entire way to your location. Blessings of living in the country and getting to photograph your neighbors!

Not only are they neighbors, but the Calvert family is running their own business as local farmers. If you ever want fresh vegetables from a local source, you’ve got to check out the Calvert’s produce. I’ve eaten their vegetables so many times, and there’s nothing like getting fresh bounty from God’s earth grown right next door. You can even order from their garden online, or in person at the local Farmer’s Market! Go check out what they have growing and ready to buy here. 🙂 You won’t regret it!

Joe and Niki have 5 of the sweetest kids. They have such a grown-up manner of talking, while still maintaining that precious innocence.

Micah was full of tales about the snakes he had seen, the fact that ants actually taste pretty good, and lots of other fun boy stuff. 
Hannah told me all about her business, which is selling cookies that have every kind of “chip” you can imagine mixed in with them. Chocolate, Peanut butter, Butterscotch, you name it! So of course we had to get a picture of her in her apron and mixing bowl.

So many times I had more than one little voice telling me something, and it was the best. I didn’t always know who to listen to, but I managed to get the main gist of everyone’s simultaneous story. 🙂

My goodness. Talk about the cutest double chin ever.

My favorite kind of memories to capture are the real ones. And there were lots of those happening during our evening together. These are just a few of my favorite “real life” moments.

Did I mention these kids love to make silly faces? Right up my alley, since the majority of pictures I take with my siblings are also silly faces.

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