2018: New Year, New Things

2018 is going to be pretty great. Why? Not only because I’m getting married, starting my Family Spokesmodel Program, and planning lots of exciting trips and getting to use my passport again, but because I’m choosing to make this year one of joy and appreciating my new and forever blessings. It’s going to be crammed full of activities, but I’m making sure to save space for rest and touching base with what really matters.

In 2017, I got to travel to so many amazing places. California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, (and slept in a canvas tent in Yellowstone) and even obtaining a passport and traveling out of the country. All in the space of 2 1/2 weeks. Yes, it was crazy. And you can follow my adventures here. I also got engaged, getting the surprise of my life, I booked more sessions than ever before, met some amazing families,  and made commitments to slow down and appreciate the small things.

My 2017 top nine

This year is bringing lots and lots of changes to Photography by Caitlin as well! The ones I’m most excited about are listed below.  I literally didn’t know what order to put these in, so I hope you’ll read all the way to the bottom. 🙂


1. Family Spokesmodel Program

This right here is quite possibly the biggest change for 2018. And quite possibly the most exciting for me. So what is this spokesmodel program? (You can read all the super cool details here) Here’s the quick run down:

The Photography by Caitlin Spokesmodel Program is easy. All you have to do is agree to exclusively promote Photography by Caitlin as your photographer for a 12 month period. As you refer your friends and family to Photography by Caitlin, you get the chance to earn money back in your pocket every month. (!!!)

I will only be selecting three families for my spokesmodels this year (So send in your application here!!!) If you are selected, this is what you’ll be receiving:

– 1 Full Styled Family Session
– 2 Mini Sessions*
-1 Anniversary Session of just you and your husband
-1 Styled Christmas Mini Session
-A personalized magazine of all the photos I’ve taken throughout the year of your family.
(Think of it as your personal family album for 2018 with everyone looking their absolute best!)
-A blog post featuring your full family styled shoot to share with friends
-The opportunity to win gift cards and cash back in your pocket every month!
-A community of like-minded moms who will encourage you along this crazy path of
-A Personalized Style Guide to help you in your wardrobe choices for each session
-and lots more!

Go here to find out more!!!

2. The All New Photography by Caitlin Special Access group!

Annnnnd, another super exciting change! Now all of my past and future clients have the opportunity to receive first access to my seasonal promotions and discounts before they go live to the public. All of my discounts will be posted here first from now on. So, if you want to be a part of this group and get first dibs on my special promotions (like my Mommy and Me sessions, Pumpkin Patch sessions, Christmas card sessions, etc.) go here! Ask to join, and I’ll approve you within minutes!

3. New sessions!


This year I’m expanding my session offerings!! I’m so excited to begin offering Lifestyle Sessions and Moving Family Sessions!

Lifestyle Sessions – For people who want to capture those magical everyday moments that are candid and everyday. The way that your kids play hide and seek, the way they give you those slobbery kisses. The way your husband plays tea party with your daughter. The way he puts his arm around you as you sit on the couch with your kids all piled on top of you. Lifestyle sessions are captured in your home and focus on capturing real moments and not posed portraits. This is when you get to relax and just do everyday things with your family, while I pretend to be a fly on the wall.

If you’ve always wanted to do a lifestyle session but are afraid your house isn’t the type, let me reassure you. All I need for a lifestyle session is one room with good light. It could even be as much as just raising your blinds or opening your front door. I promise I can make some magic happen. 🙂


Moving Family Sessions – For families who want just a little bit extra out of their portrait session; a little more life, a little more love, and a lot more fun. Moving Family Sessions are just like my normal Family sessions, except that I am now delivering a short family film along with your pictures! In addition to capturing still shots of your family, I’ll be getting short clips of group hugs, spins, laughs, giggles, and all those heart-stopping moments. Pictures are wonderful, but sometimes you forget the way she toddled along on those two feet. The way his face lit up when he saw you. The way he kissed your check. That is what a Moving Family Session can give you. Tangible memories that preserve the things you never want to forget. Yes, I can make time stand still. But now I can capture time and make it live and breathe for you. Each Moving Family session will be up to 1 1/2 hours and you will receive the full gallery and a short family clip (2-3 minutes) on a personalized USB drive.


4. New pricing + New perks! 

All of my sessions are getting re-vamped! Now EVERY SINGLE client will be receiving a personalized USB drive with all their photos. Before 2018, you were stuck with only an online gallery and having to remember to download those photos before the two week download period. BUT NO MORE! You will still be receiving an early gallery with all the photos to view, but within 2 weeks of the session date, you will be getting a happy package in the mail with your USB.  This, in addition to all of the other surprises I have up my sleeve for my sessions, have influenced new pricing. You can view the pricing changes here!


And that’s just about it! I can’t wait to tackle this year and everything it has waiting for me, and I hope you’ll be joining me. 🙂

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