2016: In Review

One of my favorite parts of a new year is looking back at the previous year and seeing where I’ve grown, accomplishments I’ve made, and even places where I could have done better. 2016 was a huge year of growth for me, both personally and for my photography. So why not share that with all of you!?


I’m so thankful to the families, couples, and seniors that have invited me into their lives to tell their own beautiful story. They have helped me create beautiful images and wonderful memories. I met and created relationships with many new clients, started and built the very website you’re on right now, and took part in many education opportunities that will help me serve you better in the coming months. I’m ready to start 2017 building on that base and rising to new heights.

What is driving me to accomplish better things this year? It’s the growth that I’ve already seen in 2016 pushing me to achieve goals in 2017 I didn’t think were possible.

I started 2016 with 219 likes on my Facebook page. How many am I sitting at right now? 325.

My top blog post for 2016? Roby and Anna’s engagement.

And I’m really not surprised. Their story is one worth reading. Their blog post had 940 visitors and 2,912 eyes saw the blog feature on Facebook. That’s a little crazy. I can’t wait to be their wedding photographer in June. 🙂 They may end up winning “Most Popular of 2017” as well. Who knows?

My most popular pin on Pinterest? It’s the Branscum family and their two precious little girls.

Who couldn’t love this cute family? Erin and Peyton are two of the most fun little girls to be around. Michael and Sarah’s family session is actually what kick started the growth in my business this year. Referrals came pouring after Sarah shared her photos with her friends. So much thanks to the Branscum family. 🙂

These were the two most popular pictures that you, as the audience, chose, but I’d like to share some of my personal favorites of 2016. 🙂

The location, the colors, the people, it was everything. Josh and McKenzie are my first clients to take part in helping me create my Style Guide!

Absolute adorableness. Don’t tell me this cutie doesn’t make you smile. Once Peyton warms up to you, she’s sure to be giggling and playing hide-and-seek with you around every corner.

I got to see the Kuipers family three times this year. Each time I came away knowing I would always enjoy being around them all. Luke and Annie even sent me pictures they colored through the mail. You can’t get any better than that. 🙂 And I firmly believe that *one day*, Etta will give me a smile, and not cry the whole time I’m trying to get her picture. 2017, y’all, it’s happening.

Baylee wore the perfect colors on a fall day to Petit Jean State Park. Color is everything to a photo. And her eyes added just the perfect blue. It’s bittersweet because I’ve seen Baylee grow up from almost day one. Now she’s ready to graduate and begin the next chapter of her life.

Once again, no explanation is necessary. As soon as I saw Olivia, my heart was captured by those eyes. I can’t help it. Blue eyes get me like nothing else. Especially when they belong to sweet little girls.

Speaking of sweet little girls, Lydia, Norah, and I had so much fun at Goodwin Manor this summer during the Sugar & Spice Mini Sessions. There were tea parties and hugs and laughs. Sisters are the best. The sweetness of sisterhood is definitely seen in these two. 🙂

And of course, Roby and Anna’s engagement. I couldn’t not post another picture from their session. The Old Mill was the perfect background to the casual part of their session. Plaid is the way to this fall-loving girl’s heart.

But 2016 is finished. We’ve turned our calendars over and I’m ready to start collecting top images for 2017.

So what can you be looking for in 2017 from me?

  • Photography by Caitlin’s Style Guide – I’m so excited about publishing this! My goal is to release this resource mid-summer. This guide will be stuffed full of tips on picking color schemes, clothing choices, makeup choices, specific tips for men, women, and children, and so much more.
  • New shooting locations! I’ve used many new locations this year, all introduced by my clients. My family also purchased some property, which I will be using for location shoots as well! I love offering my clients new locations to make their family memories.
  •  A monthly newsletter. This newsletter is not about me selling my services to you. I truly want to help you and let you get to know the person behind the camera a little better. I’ll be sharing tips, stories, and so much more. 🙂Sneak Peeks of upcoming topics:
    -Top 5 Photo Printing Companies
    -Unique Ways to Display your Family Photos
    -5 Ways to Get Outside More This Fall
    and lots more!
  • More video! Social media is loving video. So in order to keep my work showing up in your life, I’m planning on incorporating more video on my website and social media. I plan on creating a welcome video that will be featured on the home page, telling all my clients and visitors exactly what to expect and who I really am. Family videography sessions may even be in the wings. Who knows. 😉

Here’s to 2017 and new tomorrows with no mistakes in them yet. (If you know where that quote is from, you get extra coolness points. For real)



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