Wadley Family – Burns Park

It’s my last family session of 2016. I can’t believe it. I am so incredibly blessed to have each and every one of my new clients I’ve met this year. This has been my busiest season yet, and I am still a little bit in shock. I’m already starting to book 2017, so if you’ve been thinking about getting some family pictures updated, now is the time to contact me to reserve your ideal spot!

But this blog post isn’t to sell you on reserving a portrait session with me. It’s to tell you about the Wadley family and their portrait session at Burns Park.

Vada has a soft sweet smile, but once she got a little more comfortable with me, she was all about showing me what she could do. From the top of a wooden post, she cried, “Caitlin, look at me!” She ran ahead, forging the way to get to our next spot, any chance she got. Her hat kept slipping adorably over her eyes, and we kept having to push it back up to see those pretty brown eyes.

Vada offered lots of posing tips and places we could go to take pictures around Burns Park. She liked giving baby Hudson kisses through Momma’s tummy, too.

But we couldn’t let Mom feel left out. So Vada gave her some kisses too.

Thomas and Macey have a lot going on right now, with trying to remodel a house and waiting for a sweet baby boy to arrive. But they aren’t letting that get in the way of having a good time. Even when the move-in deadline is now farther in the future than hoped for. Love is evident from the smiles on Macey’s face as she looked at Thomas. It’s a smile that isn’t forced, it’s the kind that grows speedily upward from the feelings that begin inside. It finally expresses itself in smiles meant only for that special someone.

I didn’t have to ask them to act natural, or look at each other and smile. They were already doing both of those things without any direction from me.

This is also a special time for the Wadley’s, because Thomas is now officially Vada’s dad. I asked Vada if she wanted to get some pictures of just her and Dad. She immediately went over and gave him a big hug, with that soft smile that spoke happiness and contentment.

And I am still impressed that Macey came out just a few weeks before her due date. She looks amazing!!

As I began to say goodbye, the best part was when Vada came up and gave me the best goodbye hug. That spunky face says it all. 🙂

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