Sugar & Spice Mini Sessions – Goodwin Manor

Goodwin Manor was built in 2001 in the style of an English castle. Even though it is fairly new, as soon as you enter the grounds you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. The anticipation starts as soon as you get to the iron gates that swing open after you key in the code. It continues to build as you drive up the long, winding and narrow drive with hairpin turns. Just when you think you can’t stand it anymore, you turn for the last time and there it is. If you haven’t seen the aerial video I’ve been sharing, you need to go check it out.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any shots of the incredible front view of the Manor from the long driveway. Even Google didn’t have any. (What’s up with that, Google?) So if you want to see that, check out the video.

I also have to say a huge thank you to Andrea at Goodwin Manor. She is the sweetest to work with, and was so chill the entire time and on board with whatever I had in mind. Andrea even entertained my waiting clients while I worked with my other clients of the evening.

All the girls loved the tea party set up. We clinked tea cups and held pinkies at the acceptable angle while asking if cream or sugar is preferred.


Lydia immediately slipped on a necklace and gloves, and played her part as a lady taking her afternoon tea to perfection.


Twirling dresses, tickling fingers, and arms wrapped tight around big sisters. To me, these things speak of sisterly love and of time speeding by much too fast. I have seen all four of these sweet girls grow up before my eyes. I remember when they were small enough to need a hand to hold while navigating their way on unsteady legs.


kuipers-9-of-19 kuipers-11-of-19



And those eyes. My heart. Sydney is a heart-stealer already. That long blonde hair doesn’t help either. She loves to stick her tongue just in between her teeth giving her an mischievous look. And trust me, it’s not just a look. It’s her, through and through.




And I may have a little extra love in my heart for these two. Sharing a family tree does that sometimes, I suppose. I insisted we needed a cousin shot before they left.


Before I knew it, the magical hour was ending just as the sun started sending pink clouds shooting across the sky. The evening was over, but I will definitely be offering this mini session at Goodwin Manor again. I loved being able to spend time with these precious girls capturing their sweet personalities and love for their sisters. And finally, thank you, moms, for bringing your sweet daughters for an evening of fun and enjoyment of simply being girls.



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