Shawn & Tara – Burns Park

For the second time in one day, I was on the road again for a portrait session. (Check out the senior session I did earlier that day at Petit Jean State Park here!) Burns Park abounded in photographers and families, wedding parties, and engagement sessions so we had fun dodging people and cars the entire evening.


The red bridge is also the only entrance and exit to the parking area. So having time to frame a shot and get smiles on everyone’s face is quite an adventure. “Tara, I need you to sit with your back to Shawn. Abigail, can you sit by Dad? And Shawn, I need you to scoot a little closer to Tara and turn Olivia towards me. Great! Now everyone look at me and-” I see a car turning into the lane coming straight for us. “Oh, everyone get back up. Car’s coming.” You couldn’t help but laugh. Shawn and Tara were so gracious and patient with the interruptions and split second changes.


Because Burns Park is such a popular photography location, whenever we saw an open spot by the fence or on the trails, we staked our claim and did it quickly! This trail was my favorite. The overarching branches laden with fall colors provided the perfect background. Have I mentioned how much I love Fall?

Olivia is already a heart stealer. I am in awe of those precious blue eyes! Abigail was quick to inform me that Tara made Olivia’s headband all by herself. So cute!!!

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Abigail is so outgoing and friendly. I loved talking to her about her favorite subject in school. We had a contest on who could laugh the loudest, she gave me her silliest face ever, and she even had her own ideas on what pictures she wanted. She saw a trail leading off into the woods and immediately asked if she could have her pictures taken there. Her answer when I told her that would be great was a “YES!” and excitedly clasped her hands together under her chin and took off running. She also wanted to get a dramatic shot of her walking down the trail away from me. “Walking slow”, Abigail made sure I understood that part. 🙂 She also informed me the wooded area was perfect for her deer antler headband.

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Again, Shawn and Tara were so chill and willing to work with me as the sun began sinking faster and faster and I began moving through poses and locations faster and faster, trying to beat the sun. I had a wonderful, laughter-filled evening and I’m so thankful to Shawn, Tara, Abigail, and Olivia for letting me capture their sweet family memories.

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