Roby & Anna – Little Rock Engagement

When your clients are willing to dress up and go to the Little Rock Capitol for their engagement session, you know it’s going to be one of your favorite sessions of all time. And when they dress down into flannel and fall colors during our Old Mill visit, it’s going to be even better.


Where to begin… I’ve known Anna all my life. See below for proof. (excuse the messy corners. This was when I thought cutting up pictures in wavy lines was the hip thing to do.)


We grew up going over to each other’s houses on Sunday afternoons in-between church services. We made “movies”, planned scavenger hunts, tricked her brothers by asking if they wanted us to make them some Kool-Aid and then giving them colored water, and so much more. Anna and I played basketball together for 8 years. (She was always much better than me. Hands down) Then she went off to college and found a man. And brought him back. Now they’re planning a forever lifetime together.


The Capitol is a perfect place to use as an excuse to dress up. The wind whipped hair everywhere and the sun hid behind the building creating cold hands and shivers, but Roby and Anna were perfect.


When swans show up on the river, you have to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And then when a goose tries to be brave and chase you away, you can’t help but laugh when Roby tries to intimidate it with his own bravado.


I sent Roby and Anna a short questionnaire after the photo session, and as I read their answers, a huge smile spread across my face. So here is their story:

Anna’s first memory of Roby was seeing him in the cafeteria wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Surrounded by all the cool kids, she remembers thinking that they would never talk or even be friends. Because he was too cool to even think about her. Little did she know that Roby had already taken notice of her.



It was during one of their first classes of Freshman semester that Roby noticed a new girl that immediately caught his attention. That first sighting was enough for him to know that he wanted to get to know this girl. But the next time he remembers really noticing her was when she pulled up at the Stud (Student Center, if you aren’t familiar with the FC lingo) blaring her music. As Anna sang along, the words from the song faded from Roby’s mind but the huge smile on Anna’s face remained. He thought she was absolutely gorgeous, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Roby will never admit he was a creeper, but he did watch her after that and he noticed that Anna always seemed to be having the time of her life.


Time went on, and it wasn’t until the second semester of Freshman year that Roby was able to get the gumption to talk to Anna. In Roby’s words, “And by talking to her, I mean asking her to Spring Banquet.” This would be the first time they would ever talk to each other. Anna knew that his cousin had informed Roby that she was suddenly without a Banquet date, so when Roby came up dressed in a basketball jersey holding a sign that read, “Take a shot at banquet with me”, she said yes. Then they introduced themselves and Roby got her number. Score. The first shot of the game was good.

Banquet was a success, so the second date at Florida Aquarium is now underway. Anna could tell Roby is nervous the entire time. As they left the aquarium, Roby pulled his move. It had taken him the entire day to build up the courage. Parking for the aquarium is across the street, so it all happened as they walked back to their car. Roby suavely turned to Anna and said, “Gotta hold my hand, because we’re crossing the road!” Score: Roby – 2


I asked them both what their favorite date had been so far, and I shouldn’t have been surprised when I got different answers. Anna’s favorite memory is the evening they got a pizza and went night fishing at Beaverfork Lake. Why? Because Roby made her laugh so hard she cried. It didn’t matter that the mosquitos were awful and they hadn’t gotten any bites. (And the worms were extremely gross) Roby made up for it by being a goofball (Anna’s words, not mine).

Standing on the railing, he told Anna to hold his line and make it look like he had a big fish. Roby yells, “Whoa, Nelly! It’s a big one!” All to get the attention of the people fishing right next to them. Of course, Anna is thoroughly embarrassed by this point, but at the same time tears are streaming down her face from laughing. She got back at him later on as they strolled down the beach area. Roby got dunked (*let himself get dunked) in the warm, dirty water. But then, so was Anna, so maybe they were even at this point.


Roby’s favorite date was when they went back to his home town of Wauchula, Fl. and he introduced Anna to his family for the first time. A weekend full of riding four wheelers and shooting guns showed Roby that Anna was an excellent shot with the .22. Roby jokingly told me that it was at this time he began to re-think his idea of shooting in front of her. 😉 They ended the day with a quick dinner with Roby’s parents before making it back to Florida College before curfew.

Over the past year, they realized that they wanted to do forever together. Anna loves that Roby is genuinely considerate about other people. He is constantly aware of other’s feelings, and does his best never to hurt anyone’s feelings. And as I’ve gotten to know Roby over the past couple months, I definitely agree with her. Roby knows that he can’t imagine life without the light that Anna constantly puts into his day. She is his daily encouragement. His wonderful example that he is always thankful for.


I am so thankful that I am able to be a part of Anna and Roby’s life. Especially in the role as their engagement photographer. Laughing, posing, goose-scaring, shivering; it combined to make a wonderful evening and I can’t wait to see them create binding covenant to each other and the Lord next summer.




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