Roberts Kids

Thanksgiving weekend had me being thankful for families like the Kuipers and the Roberts. I got to spend the weekend of Thanksgiving doing what I love!

The clouds hid the sun all day long, and I began to think it would be a challenge to get enough sunlight for the portrait session. But these bright smiles were all the sun we needed!


The Roberts took me to an old abandoned cabin that was situated right beside a field of tall golden grass. I LOVED it. These fields are my favorite.

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Delaney is one of my little sisters best friends, so I’ve know Delaney (let alone her younger brothers and sisters) her whole life. She’s growing up to be such a pretty young lady! She is so willing to do whatever I asked of her, every position I asked her to do was answered with “sure!” or “ok!”.

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Peyton knows how to make some silly faces, let me tell you. And he informed me he liked taking pictures. So he gets a huge thumbs up from me. Peyton is a big hunter, learned from his Dad, and he’s already bagged an 8 point this year!

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Lilly. She is constantly cracking me up with her faces. She’s quiet, but so expressive.

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Great minds think alike, and that is never more true than when I asked everyone to give me their best silly faces. They all basically picked the same face!

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Check out the gallery to see more of these sweet smiling (and silly) faces!


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