Our mother is a warrior



Our mother is a warrior. But she’s more of a silent warrior. She fights against the deadliest foes imaginable.

It’s been said that Satan wants to have the entire world, and the best way to accomplish that is to go through the mothers. They fight for their children’s trust, love, and their very souls. They fight against the media, the world, outside influences, and their own desires so that they might bring forth children that are kind, considerate, worthy servants of the King, and who desire to do the right thing.

But our mother has fought that fight. She has worked to put a hedge around us that is so high, that Satan has his work cut out for him. She made sure that every morning during our schooling years involved Bible study. She led us in Bible memorization, studies, songs, and those fun marching drills as we recited Biblical history. She took us out to do acts of service, leading by her example.
She has spent countless hours in research to make sure that she is giving her family the food that will bring the most health to us and create a strong and healthy body. Even when it means more preparation for meals, more expenses, and more time, she is making sure that she takes care of us physically.

She works every single Spring and Summer with her hands to prepare the ground and plant her produce for the year. Her hands are usually dirty and muddy in the Spring, but it’s the best kind of dirt you could ever see on her hands.

I know she makes mistakes, but all good mothers do. But in spite of the mistakes, she’s never given up on us. She gets up and just keeps on keeping on. Today is her birthday, and for the most part, it’s no different than any other day. She cooks, cleans, and educates. But I hope she knows, she is a foe to be reckoned with. Her daily tasks are appreciated, even when we don’t express it or when we seem to take them for granted. They are constant, they are monotonous, and they are so needed. They are full of sacrifice, exhausted service, and labors of love.

This child is so blessed to rise up and call her blessed.


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