Morgan Pearce

Slowly walking towards me, Morgan trailed her hand along the ivy fence at Hendrix Village. A smile played on her face as I snapped photos that will soon find themselves on her new blog that will document her new journey as a Nurses Aide at Baptist Hospital. As a new UCA graduate, Morgan is ready to start her new adventure showing love and compassion for those whom she serves on a daily basis. The hands that ran through her hair, or were clasped around her legs, or just laid demurely on her lap are the same hands that will bring love and care to those committed to her watch. Those hands will be given one of the most important jobs of the world: helping people on their journey back to health.

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The smile that shines so brightly from her face will be the same one that brings joy to the patients she cares for. That smile will brighten days on a daily basis in ways that she will never imagine.

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The green/brown eyes that brightened with laughter and crinkled up during a big smile are the same ones that will communicate the desire to listen intently and to make the patients voice her own.

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Morgan has felt her own kind of pain and sorrow, but it has not diminished who she is. Rather, it has made her stronger and that strength shines through her.

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I am so happy that I was able to capture Morgan’s personality during our time together as we walked around Hendrix Village. It’s been six weeks since I have been able to use my camera due to shoulder surgery, and I missed it! It felt so right to be able to pick it back up in order to bring out the individual beauty that is in every single person, and definitely in Morgan. Be sure to check out the gallery to see the rest of Morgan’s portraits!


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