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The Kuipers – Alda’s Magnolia Hill

One of my favorite parts of the year (besides Thanksgiving) is being able to meet up with returning clients. The Kuipers have quickly become some of my favorite people and I was so excited that they grabbed the opportunity to have their photos taken at Alda’s Magnolia Hill! Guys, this place was AMAZING. If anyone ever wants to get their photos taken here, please, please, please let me know!!! Because I will be down. I promise.

Mrs. Alda was the sweetest and met me outside to show me around before my clients arrived. We had the entire property to ourselves and were free to explore the pond, shaded bridle path, swing, and all of the other cute props they had set up.

But for us, the big draw for Magnolia Hill was the 1950’s red truck they have parked on the property. It was the perfect way to celebrate Fall and flannel. Even though it was like, high 70’s outside. 😛

The most exciting news I had that night was that the Kuipers will be adding another sweet little one to their family in March 2018!! Luke, Annie, and Etta are going to be the best big siblings. 🙂

You know when you can hardly take pictures for all of the “Caitlin, did you know?” and “Caitlin, guess what!” going on with the young members of this family that you’ve found some forever friends. They also told me that they were going to get ice cream after pictures, so of course we talked a LOT about that. We talked about favorite ice cream flavors, which happen to be chocolate and strawberry for Luke and Annie. I think Etta will take whatever ice cream she can get. We had lots of “ice cream smiles”, because what else could make everyone smile??

Luke collected acorns as we went from place to place, and I think he ended up taking quite a handful home, kept securely in Daddy’s shirt pocket. 🙂

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