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FAQthe answers to your most freqently asked questions!


 ~How do I get my pictures?~

Once your pictures are ready for viewing, you will receive a custom email delivered straight to your inbox with an online gallery for sharing as well as a downloadable file. This download option DOES EXPIRE within 2 weeks of the delivered date, but if you don’t download them in that time frame, don’t stress, because you will be receiving a custom USB in the mail within 3 weeks of your session date.  I want you to be able to choose when and where you want to order your photos, so I do not currently sell prints. I want you to have access to every single shot I captured during your session, so I give digital rights to all the photos to each of my clients. No more choosing between ordering this picture and the other. You can have both!


~Do you sell gift certificates?~

Yes! I love when my clients, or friends and family of clients, give my portrait sessions as gifts. The gift certificate gets mailed or sent electronically right to you. If you would like it mailed personally, it comes wrapped in a pretty envelope ready for you to hand it to your loved ones.


~What should I wear to my photo session?~

The biggest question of all time… Here are a few of my favorite tips! Also be sure to check out my Pinterest page because I have a whole board devoted to this topic.

Unless you’re going for a specific theme, it’s important to coordinate your outfits without your group all wearing the exact same thing. All plaid or all white can be painfully overpowering in your final image. Give the idea a more modern spin by picking two to three colors that complement each other, or wear different shades of the same color. Spice things up with accessories! I also can’t stress enough the importance of including texture in your wardrobe!! Things like lace, ruffles, fur, layers, hair accessories, etc. MAKE a photo!

Muted tones that are a bit subdued are best, so that you are the subject and not your clothes. You also don’t want to stand out from the group, as bright colors project (especially red, oranges, and yellows), which also can make you look larger.

Choose similar tones for your top and bottom (both dark or both light) so that one doesn’t look bigger than the other. A white top with dark pants will make your top look bigger, while white pants and a dark top will make your lower body look bigger.

Choose 1-3 colors for your group portraits, ones with similar tones that go nicely together and have everyone work within that color palette. For example: dark green, navy, and burgundy – all dark jewel tones. Tan, a lighter olive green, and denims – all lighter, softer tones- will work together perfectly as well. We want to see people first and not your clothing.

For women, wearing a top with sleeves at least to the elbow might be a good idea because your arms take up more skin area than your face, and will draw attention to your arms and may also make your arms look larger.

Longer pants and skirts below the knee are also good things to think about so that your legs don’t take attention from your faces, and you will be able to sit and bend without showing too much leg.

Dark socks and footwear are always a good idea, for men especially, because white tends to stick out like a sore thumb and that is all you will notice in your portrait.

Women, keep your jewelry simple and minimalistic if possible. Big jewelry will once again draw the attention away from your face.