Clay & Emily – Valentines Mini Session

Clay and Emily first met in high school. Their parents did their driving for them on their first couple dates, because neither had their drivers license yet. So sweet. Talk about some real high school sweethearts.

Now that they are starting to further their education on UCA campus, their commitment to each other is only that much stronger.

Emily and Clay are some of the best troopers ever. On the planet. First of all, they were willing to drive out to our new family property and give me the privilege of telling their story through photography.

Next, what I didn’t know was that the stream running through the property is now running. Every time I have visited the property, it’s been dry as a rock. Not any more. Crossing the stream is also the only way to get to the rest of the property. So what did we do? We jumped it. And Emily did it in a skirt and heels.

Something else I forgot? The abundance of thorns and briers. I had quite the battle with some nasty thorns that caught onto my pants and legs. Just when I thought I had detached myself, I would take a step and realize I was still held captive. It took someone else to help me out of my predicament. I’ve got the scars to show it. The thorns also grabbed on to Emily’s skirt and tights multiple times. We often stopped and had to gently remove 1/2 in. thorns from her. But Emily kept smiling and laughed every time it happened.

You can’t get any better than that.

Be sure to catch the rest of Clay & Emily’s portrait session in the galleries!


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