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Christopher +MeganClinton Museum - Burns Park

Christopher didn’t start out on the right foot with Megan. He started out way behind all the other guys and then some. He had to work to get where he is now. But it’s all because of his own doing.

The scene: Summer camp. One of the activities each year is to wake up before the sunrise, climb to a bluff, and sing praises to God as the sun rises. Christopher thought Megan was cute, so he decided to flirt with her. He walks up to Megan and says, “Looks like someone forgot to put on makeup this morning.” Christopher’s friends all laughed with him, but there was someone who wasn’t laughing. Megan. He had managed to embarrass her in front of the few friends she had already made during her first year of camp. She couldn’t stand him for a couple years from this point on. Christopher didn’t make any points with this move, but he said it’s ok. Because it has definitely paid off. 😉

Megan and Christopher are still just friends, and Megan is in Christopher’s hometown visiting his cousin. But there might actually still be a little confusion. Because when Christopher took Megan out to eat at a Mexican restaurant named Chavos, she thinks it’s nothing more than dinner with a friend and Christopher is thinking the whole time he’s out on his first date with Megan. He also still thinks this was the best date of all throughout their 3 years of dating. But even with all of these misunderstandings, it didn’t take them long to find out that they make a great team.

Megan’s favorite activity with Christopher has been snake hunting during summer evenings. Going out after dark with a bat looking for snakes to kill is her favorite kind of thrill with Christopher by her side.

Christopher and Megan both love to laugh. That is part of what draws them to each other, the ability to joke about just about anything. Even during times of disagreements, one word from Christopher can make Megan forget everything in a moment of hysterical laughter. It’s his favorite thing about Megan. Her sense of humor compliments his perfectly. And guys, I can relate to this. We all laughed almost the entire session. Christopher may have given me a hard time about a couple things during the session, but it was great. 🙂

Laughter is the best medicine, so I expect them to live long and happy lives together. 🙂 Congratulations, Christopher and Megan!


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