Christmas Mini Session – The Besley Kids

What better way to finish out the year than with some childhood friends? I’ve kept this session a secret for over 3 weeks now, and it’s been hard. The Besley kids wanted to surprise their parents with new updated individual and group shots of the kids for Christmas. It was a bit tricky to pull of the surprise, let me tell you! But surprises are my favorite. I love planning them, and I love being the recipient. But sometimes it’s hard to keep them. I even had two sessions to keep a secret…

The kids told mom and dad to clear out of the house for the afternoon with no other explanation offered. We scheduled this secret mission on a Sunday afternoon in between worship services. Driving home from morning worship, I find out that the Besley parents have been invited over to our house for lunch, with the good possibility of them staying all afternoon. And I’m supposed to be leaving in the afternoon with my camera to take surprise pictures of their kids. Without them getting any suspicion that I’m partnering with their sneaky offspring. I had recently taken portraits of the youngest Besley girls during my Goodwin Manor Sugar and Spice session, so this is still fresh in their minds.

My game plan? Put my camera and equipment in my car before they arrive at our house. Then when it’s time for me to leave, they have no idea I’m going to a photo session. That way they can’t connect the fact that I’m going somewhere to take photos the same exact day and time their children have asked them to be absent from the house. Unless they ask my parents where I’ve gone after I’ve made my escape, the secret should be safe. I made sure to stress to my parents that I was simply going to run errands, (also in my afternoon agenda, if time allowed) if they were asked.

The trees here are slowly dropping their leafy burdens to the ground to be shuffled and kicked as students walk to class on Hendrix campus. But there were enough still holding to create some gorgeous backgrounds. The colors Carolyn chose for their wardrobe are the perfect compliment to the yellows and oranges of the trees.

Norah was so excited about her overalls and pigtails. She’s bringing retro back with the added sweetness of a being four years old.

Jehu is tying the knot this summer. What?! Where has the time gone. It feels yesterday we were both just graduating high-school together. Now Jehu and Chantelle are planning a summer Oregon wedding. Norah can’t wait until Chantelle is her “next sister”!

The laughter that came from the jokes being made and camaraderie that only siblings can understand caused people to glance over at us several times throughout the session. But we didn’t care. We were having a great time. Cold hands and damp ground didn’t put any damper on the afternoon, even though the clouds were abundant in the sky above us.

Go check out the galleries to see the rest of the Carolyn, Jehu, Anna, Silas, Lydia, and Norah’s pictures! And of course, Chantelle. 🙂


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