Christmas Mini Session – Corder

Once again, I have another Christmas gift I was forced to keep a secret. I love creating and keeping secrets, but it’s hard to keep such great images off of my social media and website! Especially when I had two sessions to keep a blanket over. Finally, now that gifts are unwrapped, stockings are emptied, and the weather is finally considered cold, I can reveal my secrets. šŸ™‚ Alex and Lucy asked me to help them with some updated pictures of the two of them for a Christmas present for their mom. So we set about like busy elves finding a date that worked with all three of our work schedules and didn’t create suspicion with Mrs. Missie.

Lucy is one of my dearest friends and we spend time together at least 2-3 times a week. She’s the Diana to my Anne. (I can’t resist any opportunity to insert an Anne of Green Gables reference. #sorrynotsorry)

Apparently Alex and Lucy’s mom is extremely hard to surprise. She has a gift for sniffing out secrets before they’re ready for her to find out. Lucy had to dodge pointed questions with evasive answers the entire day of our photo session. Thankfully, hanging out with me is a normal thing for her to be doing, so there was nothing (hopefully) suspicious about that answer. I don’t know yet if we managed to keep Mrs. Missie out of the loop, but fingers crossed we did.

It’s a rare thing to have a sunny day in December here in Arkansas. So when the clouds suddenly cleared to let in some pure sunshine, I knew we were going to haveĀ some great lighting. And I wasn’t disappointed. Cadron Settlement never disappoints. It’s the perfect setting for a woodsy outdoor feel.Ā Cadron SettlementĀ also has a special place in my heart becauseĀ it’s where my parents had their engagement pictures made 25 years ago. (You can see a couple of those pictures in this post.)

Go check out the gallery to see more of Lucy and Alex’s pictures at Cadron Settlement!

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