Christmas Mini – Alda’s Magnolia Hill

I’m forever thankful for clients who brave the cold weather to take advantage of Christmas Mini Sessions. Because let’s be honest, I’m the one who gets to wear a coat and bundle up during sessions. My amazing clients are the ones suffering through the almost 30 degree weather and forgoing the warmth of winter coats. But when you get to take Christmas photos at a place like Alda’s Magnolia Hill, it’s worth it. Mrs. Alda is the sweetest and so wonderful to work with!

And visiting Magnolia Hill is not without it’s own kind of adventures, thanks to the two “wedding crashers”, aka, the geese. They weren’t impressed that we decided to invade their territory for the last part of the minis. But having been raised around such fowl, calling their bluff is something I’m used to doing. So when one of the geese decided to charge at me in the middle of taking a photo, I simply raised my booted foot, and let it run into the sole of my shoe. And then put the camera back up to my face. Haha.

If you missed out on Christmas Mini’s this year, that’s ok! Because you can bet I’ll be going back to Alda’s Magnolia Hill in 2019! (Psst…. If you are in the Mini Session Membership, you’re guaranteed a spot at these Christmas Minis next year!!! Go here to find out more!

I mean, how CUTE is this set up!?

But even cuter…..

Is it bad that I’m already excited for 2019 Christmas Minis?? Go here to make sure you’re able to book a spot next year for these mini sessions!!


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