Carley turns 1!


Hands swept through red hair to form a look-alike Pebbles. ¬†This picture tugs at my heartstrings. There is just something about a mother fixing her little girl’s hair that makes me smile. Maybe it’s because I loved having my own mom fix my hair when I was little. I still remember the hair bows, braids, and dog-ears. Trying my best to sit still while mom painstakingly braided those little french braids. Watching Sesame Street while she attempted to keep me still. Having her curl my hair in sponge rollers so that I would have curly hair for Sunday morning worship services, and be like mom.

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A mother’s love comes to the light in little moments like this. Knowing that it won’t be long before she’s fixing her own hair and outgrowing the hair bows and ribbons.

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Carley even gave me a big kiss which I hear is not a freely given gift.

While she can be a very serious little girl with those big blue eyes, she broke it up with squeals of spontaneity and laughter at anything that catches her fancy. Her Daddy, the dog, or the cat are usually things that bring them out.

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One of her favorite pastimes is looking out the window and talking to the dogs.

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Just like her 3 month pictures, dad came in on the action to get that smile to show. Now that Carley is active and starting to walk on her own two feet, it takes a little bit more action to get that smile.

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Lauren had prepared some cupcakes for the upcoming party, so it was time to do a cupcake smash. Carley wasn’t very interested in the cupcake for the first minute or so, and Lauren decided to get a Nilla wafer and smear some of the icing on it. As soon as the word Nilla wafer came out of Lauren’s mouth, Carley had something to say about it. After being handed the frosting covered wafer, she promptly turned it around to the empty side and totally by-passed the icing. Carley decided that getting the icing and cupcake on the floor was more fun than eating it.

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But once she was getting cleaned up she decided that icing was pretty sweet and was busy licking her fingers.

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She was quite interested in my camera and we had a few special moments just  looking at the pictures together while she pointed and pretended to press the buttons. All in all it was another wonderful time at the Maxwells helping them to create memories to remember forever.


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