Baylee Senior Session – Petit Jean State Park

Any time I have the excuse to visit Petit Jean State Park, I’m taking you up on it. So I am thrilled that Baylee chose to do her senior session at one of Arkansas’ famous state parks. Fall at Petit Jean is always beautiful. The drive up the mountain is winding and curvy, with glimpses of the Arkansas river winding it’s way down south coming through the trees as you make the upward climb. The first stop at Petit Jean always needs to be Mather Lodge. Right behind the lodge is an overlook that I could sit and look at for hours watching the sun and clouds play across the horizon.

There are always people coming and going to the famous Cedar Falls hike, even artists capturing the natural beauty of the park are abundant in the park. Dodging these avid nature enthusiast and first time hikers alike was a bit tricky at times. Although getting images like these made it all worth it.




Baylee is planning to attend UCA after graduation and hopes to major in Music Composition! As a trumpet player in her high school band, she plans to audition for the UCA band once she begins college in the Fall. While Baylee told me she is nervous about the audition, I know she’ll come through with flying colors.


Baylee also plays the guitar, piano, and is currently learning the cello. Needless to say, I am super impressed!

And oh my. Those blue eyes.


When I complemented Baylee on her jacket, I found out that we share a love of burgundy and olive green. I knew there was a reason why I like Baylee so much! There is never a bad time to wear either one of those colors.


Baylee’s bubbly and sweet personality make her a joy to be around, and you feel like you can talk to her about anything. I’ve known Baylee almost her whole life, and it’s been wonderful watching her grow up from a little girl with a constant smile to a beautiful young lady with a heart of gold.



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