About Me

Who I am:

Hey there! I’m Caitlin. A southern brunette with a love for God, a passion for peanut butter + ice cream (in the same bowl, please), and a desire to capture special moments with beauty, grace, and joy.

In a world where our focus is pulled in so many directions, I want to stop time and pull the focus back on family. This world gives us so many things to do with our time, and sometimes we find ourselves neglecting the real and breathing parts of our life. I want to bring families together for a time of relaxation, fun, and just breathing in the fresh air.




My story:

From the beginning, my family has always done things together. From preparing the family garden each spring, to attending each basketball game together to cheer on our siblings in the fall, our family is a close knit unit. During school years, we spent mornings outside doing schoolwork together and evenings reading books aloud. We took family vacations that either gave us appreciation for God’s creation or taught us things about our history. This is what has brought me to where I am today. This is my why. My family is the best thing I have here on earth, and I want to capture that for other people. Because I know I don’t hold the market on amazing families. 🙂

But my family didn’t start out this way. It started with two people who decided to make a commitment to God and each other. Just like you. I love being part of the first few steps of a lifetime journey; from becoming engaged to celebrating the first anniversaries. Because it truly is a journey. It’s a journey drenched in grace and love. Being able to look through my lens and see a young couple ready to make memories of when it was just the two of them, and then again as they add children to their circle of love; that feeling is indescribable.

When I’m not capturing forever memories with my couples or families, I’m usually spending time outdoors with my fiance and my own family or curled up with a good book, all while challenging myself to take each moment and treasure it in this crazy thing we call life.

Now that you know more about me, I hope you will decide to let me know a little more about you and allow me to capture your beautiful and unique story of life through photography.