2018 Pumpkin Farm Mini Sessions

Have I told you that Fall is my favorite season?? No? Well, now you know. 😉 There’s just something about the crisp feel in the air, the wind tugging at my hair, the leaves crunching on the ground, and the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday that makes me smile. Plus I get to bring out all of my oversized long sleeve shirts, sweatpants, jackets, and last but not least, give me ALL THE APPLE CIDER. Plus I LOVE the colors of Fall because every single one photographs so well.

Another plus to this wonderful season we call Fall is that all the Pumpkin Farms open up!!! Cotton fields, sunflower fields, pumpkin fields, we’ve got them all. Oh, and it kind of helps when cute babies come along.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from this year’s Pumpkin Farm Minis!! 🙂



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